On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 11:41 AM Tom Stipe, a CCA council member, a few days before Chuck went to be with the Lord, blogged on a CC related website, the following:

This is a challenging time for CC with an obvious shift and transition of leadership coming in several areas of ministry. Change is coming and that has always been a fearsome threat for the old guard of any multigenerational organization including the church. The decision is do we fight tooth and nail for the proven “status quo” or do we enter a lengthy conversation about the future with respect and patience? Some want to dialogue and some want to fight. George Bryson is not a spokesman for CC and his Email’s reflect the fighting fundamentalist thrusting his sword into the ground scanning the horizon for the “enemy.”

A little later Tom wrote the following email, [while Chuck was still with us]. He said:

Considering that every major move of God in history has been killed by legalism let’s take a long look at you [the stay the course writer] and your followers. The power of the Holy Spirit was the dominating force of the Jesus Movement. While balanced by the teaching of God’s Word.

The ministry of Lonnie Frisbee and others was decidedly accompanied by signs of the Spirit’s presence. Healing, falling in the Spirit and “power encounters” of many kinds were common. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit was emphasized weekly and prophecy was an overflowing gift that often focused the movement.

…The absence of doctrinal bickering opened the door for the Spirit to work freely without the combative environment that such infighting creates. Enter … [the fighting fundamentalist] and company. Freedom hindered, Spirit quenched, evangelism called into question as hating brothers becomes the norm.

Now the “rectal thermometer” of doctrine is inserted and the self appointed belief police have become the voices of Calvary Chapel. Most of us veterans understand that Chuck Smith is in your camp. Truly we get that. The problem for you is that we don’t follow Chuck Smith, we follow Jesus Christ. That used to be enough to be in Calvary Chapel, but apparently that is not the case anymore.

It is a sad day for Calvary Chapel as the winds of division cloud the horizon. The fracture lines are set as we await the departure of our beloved pastor. Congratulations…, your legacy is set in stone. You [the fighting fundamentalist] will be remembered as the aggressive, combative divider of a once united fellowship of churches.

Tom Stipe

Dear George .

I wonder what is up with Tom Stipe? Is his memory so short lived? Does he not remember that he was one of those who left Calvary to become a leader in the Vineyard Movement? Now it appears that he wants to direct the future of Calvary Chapel, which seems to exclude me from being around. Poor Tom, he seems to have become delusional. We survived his defection and leaving once before, and we will survive as he leaves again, which I believe is a good idea. He needs to start his own association. In Him, Chuck

Dear Calvary Chapel Pastors,

As many of you know, George Bryson, a longtime missionary in Russia has been writing what he calls “Stay the Course” emails to many Calvary Chapel pastors. As you may know, Calvary Chapel Association council has not responded publicly to any of these emails. Several of us have talked with George privately, and have hoped to work things through with him so we could avoid division. Sadly, our efforts have failed with George, as he is not supportive of the Calvary Chapel Association that Pastor Chuck led us in setting up.

George has notified the CCA council that he does not want to be part of CCA, but plans to lead his own group. As he does, we wish him well as a Christian brother and servant of God.

So please let us clarify our position on this matter.

1. We understand that George wants to lead his own group, which is certainly his right. We hope that he and anyone who chooses to do ministry with him will be blessed and bring glory to our Lord Jesus. We also pray that there will be no animosity between any of the churches, and as members of Christ’s Body we will love one another.

2. The name “Calvary Chapel” is a copyrighted name and is only used by permission. Therefore if a pastor, church or ministry decides to change their affiliation away from the Calvary Chapel Association they must also agree to rename themselves. This is needed in order to prevent possible confusion.

3. Thus, we request that any of the churches that choose to identify with George’s group let us know that you are changing your name and affiliation. And to all of you, we truly pray that the Lord continues to guide and bless you.

For those of you who have been a part of Calvary Chapel for many years, you are aware that we have had some of the churches leave and affiliate with other groups (such as the Vineyard). And through the years many have maintained their affiliation with those groups, but some have asked to return and we have welcomed them back. So if any of you choose to go with George, in love let’s pray God’s best for one another. And if any change their mind later, the door will remain open to renewed association.

Sincerely in the love of our Lord Jesus,

Don McClure, Skip Heitzig, Damian Kyle, Brian Brodersen, Wayne Taylor, Ricky Ryan, Raul Ries, Joe Focht, Bob Coy, Bob Caldwell, Jack Hibbs, David Rosales, Malcolm Wild, Jeff Johnson, Bill Stonebraker, Tom Stipe, David Guzik, Ray Bentley, Lloyd Pulley, Sandy Adams and Mike MacIntosh.

Dear Calvary Chapel Pastor,

To clear up any concerns in regards to several things, we thought we would get a quick but important note out to all of you.

First, in light of our letter defining our relationship with George Bryson and his new endeavor, we appreciate the many positive responses and encouraging emails. This was not born out of any theological contention or ill will. We wish George the best as he has served the Lord faithfully for many years.

As we are now in the process of moving forward without Pastor Chuck, we are learning as a group of men how the Lord would lead. We have no authority or desire to interfere with what George has on his heart. We do feel led to oversee the affiliation process from within Calvary Chapel Association by means of regional leaders and their involvement in the process. This was a main area of contention with George that we could not resolve.

This is clearly what Pastor Chuck asked us to do, so any churches that wish to go through the affiliation process will do that in cooperation with CCA. Anyone who wishes to affiliate with George Bryson and his organization should be encouraged to do so distinct from Calvary Chapel. It should also be noted; that never at anytime has George Bryson had the authority to associate churches with Calvary Chapel. That authority was formerly held by CCOF and was then transferred to CCA by Pastor Chuck.

Regarding any concern in the direction of the movement, and maintaining the philosophy of ministry that has defined us for many years, we believe we are all committed to these things.

Several of us are currently working on a statement of core values that we believe are biblical and should be agreeable to all who would call themselves Calvary Chapel. Soon and upon the approval of the association, we will be getting this statement out to all of you. We hope this brief statement puts to rest any present concerns.

In Him,

Joe Focht

With full approval from the CCA council