Is James White Right

James White asks Why Chuck Smith (and Calvary Chapel under the leadership of Chuck Smith) produce so many Calvinists. A better question is why James White (and his Calvinist friends) do not win many (if any) non-Christians to Christ. The answer is that there is nothing in the Calvinist Gospel to save the lost. And those Calvinists who understand and take Calvinism seriously, are not interested in reaching the lost for salvation. I challenge any Calvinists that know and embrace the five points of Calvinism to point to any point of Calvinism that can lead the lost to salvation.

According to Calvinism or the Reformed doctines of salvation:

1. Regeneration precedes and produces saving faith in Christ. Only those unconditionally elected for salvation can and will be born again. All of the elect will be regenerated.

2. God unconditionally elected to save some and not all lost sinners. Only the elect will, or even can be saved. All of the elect will be saved. None of the non elect can be saved.

3. Christ did not die for all the sins of all sinners and in fact He did not die for any of the sins of many sinners. For the elect and only the elect Christ died for their sins. That is, Christ only died savingly, redemptively or propitiously for the elect.

4. Only the elect are inwardly, effectively, efficaciously, or irresistibly called to saving faith in Christ. To the non-elect, a Gospel proclamation is necessarily “waters on a duck’s back” or totally ineffective.

5. All of the elect will persevere in faith and righteousness unto the end, and no one can be absolutely certain they are one of the elect until they have persevered in faith and holiness to the end. And only after the final judgment is it possible to know if the faith and righteousness someone is preserving in, is in fact a true faith and a true righteousness.

James White hosted a radio program in which he suggested that Calvary Chapel produces a lot of Calvinists. I seriously doubt that Calvary Chapel is much of a stepping stone to Calvinism. Certainly not to the degree that James White wishes it were. A more important question is: Why James White and the Calvinism that he claims is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” wins so few (if any) non-Christians to Christ through a proclamation of the Calvinist gospel? Let me see the hands of all of those of you who came to Christ after and as a result of hearing the five points of Calvinism (i.e., the true Gospel according to White).

According to James, the true gospel is Calvinism explained in the five points of Calvinism. Is it not so? I am sorry, but I cannot see those hands. Was it the third point that says that Christ may not have died for you (or your mother) that moved you not to respond in faith to Christ? This should strike us as odd since the Calvinists claim that Calvinist gospel is the only true gospel. It should also strike us as a bit strange that the only gospel that is winning the lost to faith in Christ is what James White (and many of his Calvinist friends) call a false gospel.

So let us make sure that we understand this. The only true gospel (i.e., the five points of Calvinism) seems wholly ineffective or useless for winning the lost to the true Savior, while the false gospel preached in Calvary Chapel type churches, are winning the lost to the true Christ in rather large numbers. I think I know why James White and other Calvinists are always trying to get a foot in the door of a Calvary Chapel. It makes sense to me. James White is much more committed to proselytizing the saved (i.e., save non-Calvinists that he finds in large numbers in churches like the Calvary Chapel churches) than wasting his valuable time trying to win the lost with what seems to be an impotent Calvinist gospel.

James does not appear to be very effective (if at all) at winning the lost to Christ because Calvinism does not provide him with what he needs to win them; namely a gospel the lost can actually believe and respond to while they are still lost.

My Calvinists friends assure me that all the truly great Evangelists and missionaries are/were Calvinists. They just do not seem to know anyone who came to Christ through the Calvinist gospel. Now all those hands that go up at a Greg Laurie crusade after his false gospel preaching are in theory producing massive amounts of false decisions (as they did for Billy Graham) according to White and friends. Yet when Calvinists like James White are looking for a group of true Christians to convert to Calvinism, they go to Harvest in Riverside or Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. Then they try to convince the true Christians who came to Christ through the false gospel preached by Greg Laurie that they need to embrace the true gospel of Calvinism that never seems to win any non-Christians to Christ.

For some inscrutable reason the Calvinist gospel (when preached to the lost) is sterile. So what else is James White supposed to do with his Calvinist gospel? Give poor James a break. If he does not attempt to win true Christians (who were won to the true Christ by the hearing of the false gospel of Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie or Billy Graham) what else will he do? What else is he supposed to do with his true but ineffective Reformed gospel?