Statement of Faith

Dear Pastor Bryson

I have been reading some of your books and articles and have enjoyed them very much. I am a serious student of scripture and at one time planned on becoming a Calvary Chapel pastor. My pastor allowed me to attend a CC national conference in which you spoke. As you know, there is a split in the Calvary Chapel movement. What I heard you say, I agreed with. I also attended CCBC for a semester. I also liked what most of the CCBC teachers had to say. However, I did not like many books they were selling in the CC book store. I was very disappointed with the writings of John Piper, Tim Keller, Wayne Grudem, Alister Begg, John Macarthur and others that promoted Reformed theology. I imagine that you must feel the same way.  What I am writing you about now is for a recommendation for a brief statement of faith that you would consider solid and sound.

Dear Brother

If you have been to my website you no doubt know that the first book on my list of books (written by me) is titled  A Calvary Chapel Statement of Faith. This is a pdf and can be purchased very cheaply on I also really like the book titled Major Bible Themes, originally written by Lewis Chafer and John Walvoord. I also like most things written by Charles Ryrie, J.Vernon Magee and other conservative, orthodox evangelicals.

Of course, you probably know that CCA and CGN have a statement of faith on their respective websites. I would not be surprised if much or what they say on their respective websites agrees with what I say in  A Calvary Chapel Statement of Faith. After all both CCA and CGN were influenced by Chuck Smith, as I was. In Christ, George