Dear Brothers

I am not a leader in CCA or CGN and I have not taken sides with either one of them. In fact the leaders in both CCA and CGN said that I had left the Calvary Chapel movement. Which is not true and has never been true. They also said that I had never been authorized to associate churches with Calvary Chapel. I helped start churches with the leaders of both CCA and CGN. I took teams from CC Philadelphia and Joe Focht and Don McClure on the CCA side of the split and teams connected to Brian Brodersen on the CGN side of the split. Some CC churches in Russia have aligned with CCA in America and some are aligned with Brian Brodersen and Wayne Taylor and CGN. Recently I read an article written by Steve Durkac.

Steve has taken sides, but he seems to be gracious in doing so. For this reason I am going to put his article on my blog. Still I am not taking sides.


Posted on April 7, 2018 by Steve Durkac avatar

CrossHope Chapel is part of the Calvary Global Network, but not the Calvary Chapel Association.

We are not opposed to the CCA, we were actually hoping to affiliate with the CCA when the split happened in 2016. As the split began to play out we decided to sign-up with the CGN and found ourselves out of communication with the CCA.

I want to explain the difference for our fellowship, between the CGN and the CCA, as I see it.

In a nutshell, the CGN and the CCA hold to the same mission and message, but differ on their values and differing values do affect their method.

The CCA values maintaining Calvary Chapel’s historical past, its practices, and the principles believed to honor and most represent its late founder, Chuck Smith. It values maintaining its traditional format and style across the spectrum of local Calvary Chapel churches. Their intention is that if a traveler steps into a Calvary Chapel one Sunday in one city, then travels to another state and goes to that city’s Calvary Chapel, they will find both to be similar in style.

As I understand it, the CCA, was formed as a committee of Calvary Chapel ministers selected by Chuck Smith and given responsibility to plan the annual pastors conferences and eventually to affiliate new churches. Since the death of Chuck Smith, it sees itself as the rightful heir to assume leadership over the 1700 church Calvary Chapel movement.

The CGN values being proactive about Calvary Chapel’s future vision and its Kingdom engagement in these changing times under the leadership of Chuck Smith’s successor, Brian Brodersen. It values encouraging liberty for the local churches to be culturally and locally flexible in their own God-given mission, which for CrossHope Chapel is a very relaxed style of worship that is effective in our localized mission, rather than adapting a cookie-cutter template approach.

The Calvary Chapel founder, Chuck Smith, who served as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and from that position led the expansion of Calvary Chapel churches from 1 in 1965 to over 1700 at the time of his death in 2013, was succeeded as pastor by his assistant pastor and son-in-law, Brian Brodersen, who leads the CGN.

It all reminds me of the example of Moses dying and Joshua filling his shoes of leadership. Chuck Smith, in someways like Moses, was a larger than life leader and the task of following such a leader can’t be easy, but like Joshua, Brian Brodersen is leading in a different phase of the mission than did the Moses before him.

CrossHope Chapel has chosen to align itself with the CGN because we fit with its position on flexibility for the local church, we benefit from its on-going pastoral equipping resources, and we agree with its collaborative willingness for cooperative missions and ministries of various flags or tribes, something that we have been engaged in since our beginning.

Please let me know if you have any questions.